Printing Through

Many times paper is printed on both sides. The ink penetrates into the paper from the one side to the other side. When the ink penetration into the paper is very strong the ink can be visible at the other side and reading the printed matter at the other side can be disturbed. In this case we speak about striking through. This phenomenon can be tested with the print through or striking through test.


Paper is printed at one side. The ink penetrates into the paper. After a certain time the ink does not penetrate any more. The whiteness at the back of the print and at the paper without the ink is measured. The print through is calculated as a percentage of the original whiteness of the paper.

Method of operation

• It is recommended to execute the test in the standard atmosphere; to most standards it is 23.0 ± 1.0 °C (73.4 ± 1.8 °F) and 50 ± 2% rh.

• For the operation of the AIC2-5T2000, Global Standard Tester, High Speed Inking Unit 4 and ink pipette follow the instructions of the manuals, IGT information leaflet W100 and the displays accurately.

• Handle the samples carefully.