Graphic Arts

On-line gloss measuring systems are based on the latest technology. Because of their modular structure they can be delivered as individual parts or as complete system specifically designed in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

To judge colour visually the use of a lighting cabinet is recommended to diminish influences from the surrounding area. For the visual judgement of the printed colour strips the light cabinet is a basic tool for safe and more consistent visual colour control. Communication will be easier and the risk of misunderstanding decreases considerably. Metamerism is easily detected when using the different light sources standard provided.

The IGT Gloss Meter G60 is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO2813, ASTM D2457and ASTM D523 .The IGT G75 is designed and manufactured with reference to TAPPI T480 om -2009 and ISO 8254-1..

Roller nip is critical for offset printing since it both transports and processes the ink and fountain solution. the technology is unique in that the process components, ink and water, are mixed under pressure during printing, creating a new solution.

Print quality depends on best possible transfer of the ink and water emulsion - from the plate cylinder, to the blanket and finally the paper.