Graphic Arts

Compact UV dryer for use with printability test equipment. 
Version with fixed curing power and variable speed.
Several light sources available.

The test pens contain, similar to the test inks, fluids of defined surface tension. The surface energy of the material to be checked is determined simply by applying a stroke of ink with the tip of the felt pen. The accuracy of the measurement is, like the one of the test inks, 1mN/m

The test inks are fluids of defined surface tension, which are available in bottles of 10, 100, 250 or 1000ml. The surface energy of a substrate is checked by simply applying the test ink to the surface. The accuracy of the measurement is 1mN/m.

Full width magnetic clamp allows precise sample positioning with secure grip, 12.7mm thick float glass platform large enough for direct A to B comparisons or evaluation of machine caused treatment variations.