Inks, Paints & Coatings

Mixing with the Speed mixer is based on the dual rotation of the mixing cup. The motor rotates the base plate of the mixing unit at up to 1,600 rpm clockwise while the basket is spun at up to approx. 800 rpm counter clockwise.

This combination of forces in different planes creates a high speed outward material flow, resulting in laminar shear within the material, giving a pure mixing action in all parts of the sample.

The Laray viscometer determines the viscosity and yield value of a wide range of viscous materials.

Controlling by Peltier Effect without liquid circulating, the CP-1 cone-plate stand is dedicated to rheological measurements needing quick changes to temperature or with small sample quantities.

Advanced cloud point tester to determine the cloud point of a resin under exact predefined conditions.


  • Automatic laboratory equipment for accurate and reproducible application of coating materials, adhesives and similar products, independent of the operator
  • Multifunctional use with reversible, double sided glass plate (glass/printing blanket), easy to turn over or to change
  • Adjustable application area with moveable start and stop positions
  • For use with almost all types of film applicators
  • Optional vacuumplate
  • Optional versions equipped with isolation plate for use with heatable vacuum plates or heating plates
  • Easy to handle
  • Reliable results
  • Modern and functional design