The CBT1 Crease & Board Stiffness Tester measures both carton crease recovery and board stiffness to many international standards including BS6965 and PMI 068.

Measurement of these parameters gives carton board manufacturers, printers and packaging companies the ability to predict the 'run-ability' of a sample board or finished carton before committing valuable materials or machine time.

Board stiffness and crease recovery are key characteristics that affect the running performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines.

The Hanatek Carton Force Analyser measures the forces that limit the running speed of folding box board packaging. By measuring the stiffness of the substrate and crease bending resistance the user can optimise cartons for faster running and packaging speeds.

The Hanatek Carton Crease Proofer (CCP) allows the user to produce production quality crease samples without committing valuable machine time.

The CCP comes complete with commercially produced rules and dies which are identical to those used on a full sized cut and crease machine.

This tester is used for the determination of heat seal temperature, dwell time and the pressure of heat seal of various composite films.

The Hanatek film shrink tester, has been designed to quickly and easily measure the effect of temperature on plastic film.

The shrink effect is due to internal forces locked into the film during manufacture being released by heating.

It is also know as linear themal shrink or free shrink.