The Amsterdam series of testers is a range of flexible, multi-purpose testers with 1, 2 up to a maximun of 6 printing shalfs.
Through the use of the latest technological features in motor control, it is possible to reach very short times between successive prints, dampening and print, print and counter print or set-off prints. This opens the door to a large range of new test methods. 

Instrument for lint and/or dust on paper and tissue.

The linting of uncoated paper types is caused by the release of fibres or fibre bundles from the surface of the paper. This form of linting must not be confused with problems involving paper dust or with the picking of the coating from coated paper types. Dust is not part of the paper and is released easily, shedding of these dust particles during printing does not damage the paper, but does cause printing problems. Pick of the coating on coated paper types also causes problems, but considerably more force is needed for pick to occur than for linting, such as happens with high tack inks.

Ultra-fast inking unit for the intensive user. IGT Testing Systems presents the highly sophisticated inking unit for offset inks, the IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4 with temperature control and fast, programmable ink distribution methods.


Sheet forming systems in accordance with Rapid Köthen

The HAAGE sheet forming systems find application mainly in the quality assurance laboratories of the paper industry or for ongoing production monitoring directly at the paper production machines. The Rapid-Köthen method allows for rapid and repeatable creations of laboratory sheets for physical and optical analyses.

Defibration of wood pulps

HAAGE Disintegrators serve the purpose of defibrating pulp for analyses in laboratories of the paper industry and preparing test sheets in the HAAGE Sheet Formers.

AAGE Disintegrators complies with the leaflet V/4/61 of the Association of Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers as well as ISO 5263.