The Dirt Count software employs the latest in color image analysis techniques to produce high accuracy measurements of dirt and other visible contaminants in paper and pup. it is designed with a sample interface that allows the scanning of images to measure the results with one click of a button

Reliable determination of relative humidity is a basic necessity in many industrial situations. With the hygronic® humidity measuring system, relative humidity of hygroscopic materials or gases can be determined easily, quickly and accurately. Relative humidity is generally accepted in the paper, printing and other industries as preferable to moisture content since it is more predictably related to the working characteristic of the materials.

The MP moisture predictor is a universal measuring system for the fast and non-distructive determination of absolute moisture and humidity in stacks and print products through the packaging.

AP 500-M3 moisture meter is a digital one-hand-held measuring device for the quick and mobile moisture determination without sample-taking for the detection of moisture accumulation in stacks, waste paper bales and loose depots of waste paper. The moisture meter determines the absolute humidity in waste paper by simple pressing. This moisture content allows a water-precise billing of a waste paper delivery. At the same time a complaint of too wet bales prevents not only costs but also unpleasant consequences such as rot or heat.

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of foil and all kinds of thin materials.