AFT Advanced Friction Tester

The Hanatek Advanced Friction tester is the most comprehensive tool available for measuring the coefficient of friction of plastic film, printed cartons, packaging substrates or paper. This flexible instrument can also be used to measure and display the frictional values of any flat surface including rubber, flooring plastics textile and leather. In addition to providing static and dynamic slip values for a surface, the instrument allows the full friction force output to be displayed, stored and compared. This unique ability helps a manufacturer to relate the feeding and running speeds of a product to its surface characterisitcs. The instrument is availabe with optional extras to measure peel strength of adhesives, tear strength of substrates and the blocking of plastic films and coated cartons.


  • Touch screen operation for quick, easy operation
  • Automated sled lowering to comply with latest friction standards
  • Connect to a network to allow results or printer sharing
  • Profile graph displayed in real time, static and dynamic COF figures given at the end of the test
  • User selectable test speed, distance and dwell time. Choice of sled weights
  • On-line graphical help ensures consistant operation within test methods
  • Interactive help routines ensure little training required to operate device
  • Pre loaded with ASTM/TAPPI/ISO methods with the ability to create bespoke tests
  • Optional Attachments for measuring: Tear strength, Peel strength (90º and 180º) and Blocking characteristics.
  • ISO 15359 testing attachment means no sample contamination during preparation and testing.


C.O.F ISO 8295, ISO 15359, BS 2782 pt 8
Peel/Adhesion ASTM D4521, D3330 DIN 53375, FINAT 1,2,3,9
Tear Strength ISO 6383%
Power 110/240V 50/60 Hz (please specify when ordering)
Sleds 200g standard 100, 500, 700, 800 or 1000g available as options
Weight 7kg
Size (H) 180 x (W) 550 x (D) 300mm


  • ISO 8295 Plastics - Film and sheeting - Determination of the coefficients of friction
  • ISO 15359 Paper and board - Determination of the static and kinetic coefficients of friction - horizontal plane method
  • ASTM D1894
  • TAPPI 549 Coefficients of static and kinetic friction of uncoated writing and printing paper by use of the horizontal plane method
  • ASTM D2534 Standard Test Method for coefficient of kinetic friction for wax coatings
  • TAPPI T816 Coefficient of static friction (slide angle) of packaging and packaging materials (including shipping sack papers, corrugated and solid fiberboard) (inclined plane method)
  • ASTM D4521 Standard Test Method for coefficient of static friction of corrugated and solid fiberboard
  • ASTM D3330 Standard Test Method for peel adhesion of pressure sensitive tape
  • FINAT 1,2,3,9
  • ISO 6383 Determination of tear resistance -- Part 1: Trouser tear method


Typical applications for the Friction Tester include:

  • Printed cartons
  • Flexible packaging
  • Linoleum, Leather, Paper
  • Foils, Coatings, Plastics
  • Textiles, Composites

Who measures slip/friction?

Friction testing is used in the packaging industry to measure the slippyness of a product, with the aim of predicting feeding and runnning speed on an automatic gluing, erecting, filling or packaging line.