Carton Crease Proofer

The Hanatek Carton Crease Proofer (CCP) allows the user to produce production quality crease samples without committing valuable machine time.

The CCP comes complete with commercially produced rules and dies which are identical to those used on a full sized cut and crease machine.


  • Produce laboratory crease samples
  • All rule and die combinations
  • Variable crease depth
  • Determine optimum crease settings
  • Check substrate suitability
  • Check ink and coating flexibility


Substrate Suitable for any substrate 300-1000μm
Creasing 2 PT, 3 PT, 4 PT Rules
Crease 18 Crease Channels (1-4mm)
Crease depth Variable


Applications include:

  • Printed cartons
  • Flexible packaging
  • Printing, Rubber
  • Linoleum, Leather, Paper
  • Foils, Coatings, Plastics
  • Textiles, Composites

Who measures board stifffness and crease resistance?

Board stiffness and crease resistance are important measures that indicate how a finished carton will run on an automated glueing, filling or packaging line.

Substrate manufacturers, printers, converters and any manufacturer who fills or packs products in cartons can use this measurement to optimise production.

QA departments use these instruments to check the running attributes of finished cartons are prior to conversion and filling, reducing lost production time from slow running or difficult to convert packaging.