Compact Friction Tester

The Hanatek Compact Friction Tester is a simple to use instrument for measuring the coefficient of friction (COF) of carton board, plastic film, paper or any coated or printed packaging substrate.

Static and dynamic slip values are displayed instantly on screen after test and the This unique ability helps a manufacturer to relate the feeding and running speeds of a product to its surface characteristics.


  • Automatic sled placement with variable dwell time for the most repeatable static slip results. Eliminate errors associated with manual sled placement by operator

  • Fixed link between the sled and the load cell for compliance to latest standards
  • Easy load sled for fast sample preparation
  • Simple mechanical sample clamp

  • Touch sensitive buttons for quick, easy operation
  • Pre-loaded with test parameters for ASTM 1894, ISO 8295, TAPPI T549 & ISO 15359 methods with the ability to create bespoke tests in seconds
  • User selectable test speed, distance and dwell time
  • Automatic calculation of static and dynamic coefficient of friction with profile graph displayed at the end of the test
  • Choice of sled weights (200/600/800g)
  • Choice of sled reference material (aluminium, ceramic, steel, stainless steel). Suitable for film to metal test
  • Results output to optional label printer detailing: Test values for COF static and dynamic, summary of test parameters used, date / time stamped
  • ISO 15359 testing attachment means no sample contamination during preparation and testing


Standards ISO 8295, ISO 15359, BS 2782 pt 8, ASTM D1894 TAPPI 549 and T816
Resolution: 0.1g / 0.001 COF
Accuracy: 0.5g
Speed: User definable, 100-1200 mm/min
Distance: User definable, 10-1200 mm
Tear Strength: ISO 6383
Power: 110/240V 50/60 Hz
Sled: 200g
Weight: 5.5kg
Size: (H) 310 x (W) 380 x (D) 455mm
Commodity Code: 9024 8011
  • ISO 8295 Plastics - Film and sheeting - Determination of the coefficients of friction
  • ISO 15359 Paper and board - Determination of the static and kinetic coefficients of friction - horizontal plane method
  • TAPPI 549 Coefficients of static and kinetic friction of uncoated writing and printing paper by use of the horizontal plane method
  • ASTM D2534 Standard Test Method for coefficient of kinetic friction for wax coatings