Compact 2000 Hygrometer

Reliable determination of relative humidity is a basic necessity in many industrial situations. With the hygronic® humidity measuring system, relative humidity of hygroscopic materials or gases can be determined easily, quickly and accurately. Relative humidity is generally accepted in the paper, printing and other industries as preferable to moisture content since it is more predictably related to the working characteristic of the materials.

hygronic® Compact 2000 humidity and temperature meter

this portable instrument can be used for incoming materials control, in warehouses, or in production. The bright three-digit LED readout is highly shock resistant and easily readable even under poor lighting conditions. Both humidity and temperature are indicated to the first decimal place. This feature shows the trend of the indicated reading so that the end point, when the sensor is in humidity and temperature equilibrium with its surroundings, can be accurately observed.

The built-in Ni/MH battery is rechargeable directly from the AC power line. A pilot light indicates the state of the charge. under average use conditions, one charge will last for 12 hours of usage.

Measurement in the paper stack

The probe is slowly pushed completely into the stack of paper in order to provide good contact with the stock and minimizes heat transfer to or from ambient air along the probe body.


Humidity 5% - 95% RH ± 2% RH
Temperature -9°C - 99°C ± 0.5°C
Electrical requirement 110 – 220 V, 50/60 HZ, Single phase
Dimension (W x H x D) 150 x 50 x 195 mm
Wight approx. 1 kg