NBS Crumpling Device

Crumpling device specially used for banknote testing, includes plunger and pressure tube.

The NBS Crumpling Device can be used in combination with the NBS Automated Pressuring Device.The NBS Automated Pressuring Device is suitable for all versions of the NBS Crumpling device and automates the pressuring process.


It has been many years now since the American NBS (National Bureau of Standards) developed the NBS crumpling device for testing banknote paper. It is used virtually all printers involved in banknote printing, as well as oter companies involved in hologram-security printing. Using the device it is possible to tell beforehand whether a certain paper is suitable for the often rough and sometimes even fraudulent handling that it is liable to be subjected to. The test simulates the extreme conditions of handling of a banknote and can be executed using either wet or dry, printed and unprinted samples.


NBS crumpling device