Standard Paper Testing Wax

Weidmann Standard Paper Testing Waxes are designed for use by paper and coated paper manufacturers, printers, lithographers, and others concerned with the development, inspection and control of paper for printing purposes.


The series of waxes have graded adhesive powers. They run from 2A, which has the least adhesive strength, and increase by small graduatd amount to 23A, which has the greatest adhesive strength. Hence, there is an increase in the degree of adhesion to surface fibers or coating coincidental with the increase in wax numbers.

The use of these waxes is described by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry in relation to the surface strength measurement of paper products. Method T459 om-93 published by the Association gives their latest approved method for this measurement. The use of these waxes is also described by the American Society for Testing and Materials in their method D 2482-93


The wax test is applicable to coated and uncoated papers and is formulated to evaluate the surface strength of paper or its resistance to picking. This test may be conducted to determine the degree of sizing in the coating in relation to teh required press conditions; to estimate the ease with which a coating may be removed or "picked" from the bodystok, and the tendency of the bodystock to split or the fiber to be separated under th tensile stress of the printing process. it is used in a similar manner for evaluating uncoated papers and other surfaces.