Universal Sample Cutter

The Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging laboratory.
Multiple samples of the same shape can be made from a single sheet and is suitable for a variety of substrates. 
The unit also has user configurable dies.


Accurate - Repeatable - Reliable

Samples produced are always to specification independent of operator.


Dies can be configured to cut samples for most test types including: friction, tensile, grammage, O2 permeability, CO2permeability, WVTR, rub resistance, carton crease, carton stiffness and many more.

Saves Time

The Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter saves valuable time by preparing multiple samples simultaneously.

Increases Safety

The Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter requires no knives thus increasing safety.

Cost Effective

The Universal Sample Cutter uses interchangeable dies to suit different test types. Simply purchase a new die for the test type required.


Material thickness: 6µ to 3mm.
Applied pressure during cut: 2 PSI
Dimensions: (H) 200 x (W) 560 x (D) 390mm
Packed weight: 14kg
Packed dimensions: (H) 360 x (W) 650 x (D) 500mm
Commodity code: 9024 9000


Universal Sample Cutter