CEPI Comparative Testing Service

Under the CEPI, research working group there resorts a special group of laboratories which organize two times per year a comparative testing round (round robin). This so called CEPI-CTS group organizes these rounds for all together more than 40 paper and pulp physical properties in up to four levels per property.

The organization of the tests is in hands of 10 laboratories, 7 labs prepare the samples, Innventia, PTS, WUR, IGT, CTP, Celabor and Innovhub-SSCCP, another 4 are involved in the distribution only, IPE, Labtium and VUPC, and another 25 are involved in the reference testing.

To get a reliable reference for each property and each level there is a reference round of tests, called pretest, where only qualified laboratories participate. Out of this test round comes the CEPI-A value. This is the mean value, with action and warning limits, based on the results from these QL’s. This value is provided to the clients together with the test samples. The clients execute the test on their samples and return the results to the organizing labs which determine the averages and make the histogram for all the clients. This final report, incorporating all the clients is distributed to the clients as the H-report.

Click on the list of properties to check the full list with the corresponding standards and levels. In case you are interested in participating in these rounds you can contact IGT Testing Systems or the distributing laboratory in your country.