Certification ISO 12647

IGT Testing Systems is accredited to perform audits for the ISO 12647 certification by the Dutch National Organization for Certification in the Grafimedia, SCGM. For information on pricing and to sign up for an audit visit www.scgm.nl.

The ISO 12647 range of standards is developed to guide print houses in the process of standardized printing. Part 1 of the range specifies the demands in general, the measurement procedures and the reporting. Parts 2 through 6 describe the process specific issues for sheetfed offset and heatset web offset, news print, screen printing, gravure printing and flexography. Part 7 deals with proofs directly from digital data for proof and proofing system certification.

To guarantee an objective and correct result of the audit, all measurements are executed first on the IGT lab and a verification measurement is done by VIGC, the Flemish Institute for Graphical Communication, in Turnhout, Belgium (www.vigc.be).